Sunday formation (historically understood as Sunday School) is made up of Middle School and Sr. High classes.  These formational groups have weekly lessons led by our formation leadership team consisting of dedicated adults and youth.

May 19!
Last Day of Classes for the Spring!


Middle School Classes
Grades 6-7 in The Parlor

Sunday, March 12th
”Into the Spiderverse - Week 4”

Middle school (grades 6-7) is our film school.  This class takes popular contemporary films and discusses the narrative through the lens of a Disciple of Christ


High School Classes
Grades 8-12 in the Youth Room
Sunday, March 12th
"Fifth Sunday of Easter"

High school (grades 8-12) are lectionary based lessons.  These lessons are based on the same scriptures that are used from the worship services on the same Sunday.  This allows our conversation that begins in worship to continue in community.  Classes are led by our older youth.